SUMANI Trendster Blog: Introducing Love Your Trades

Melissa Meggiolaro, SUMANI’s fine Director of Finance, is joining our Trendster community with her new blog series: Love Your Trades!

The idea for “Love Your Trades” is to be a platform for community discussion around:

  1. The plethora of tradeoffs one faces in any given day
  2. The massive, collective impact of our choices
  3. The values and needs that influence our decisions

Follow Love Your Trades on Facebook or WordPress for updates, and you can naturally expect each new published post to be shared through SUMANI’s various social media sites and reposted to the Trendster category on our site.

First up:

Bottoms-Up vs. Top-Down Approach to Goal Setting
Tradeoff: Setting the nation’s sustainable development goals from the bottom vs. the top?

“Back in December of 2015, the US and almost 200 other countries leaders consented to 17 overarching Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)… The conference left it to each country to set their own goals, and now the leaders involved in this consensus are challenged to determine how to go about setting goals. Specifically looking at the US, who is now responsible for action and progress toward the overarching SDGs? Without clear accountability, is it the role of companies or government or citizens to support the ambitious targets agreed to? While most people will tell you everyone – no accountability can quickly lead to no action.” Continue reading…

*Trendster is a voluntary, crowd-sourced initiative facilitated by SUMA Net Impact. It does not represent the collective views of Columbia University, the Earth Institute or Net Impact

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