Spring 2020 Projects

SUMA Net Impact has set up fascinating projects for you to take on, this Fall. You can now get involved, gain valuable experience with sustainability projects and make a tangible impact.

The Recycling Parntership
Project Manager: Martina Carosso
Group Members: Meng Yi Bay, Holly Bunker, Claudia Canal

Azada Verde
Project Manager: Arissa Lahr
Group Members: John Hodges, Jillian Loe, Ana Contreras, Martha Ramkellawan

Detox Market
Project Manager: Arianna Bottome
Group Members: Emma Lawrence, Laura Shutack, Zoë Gaston, Blair Diehl

Project Manager: Bingfeng Song
Group Members: Amira Maryana, Greg Hopper, Julie Hurewitz, Niki Shah

Ilara Health
Project Manager: Pamela Kauppila
Group Members: Alexandra Failla, Jeff Robertson, William Zurier