SUMA Net Impact (SUMANI) is the graduate chapter of Net Impact affiliated with Columbia University’s Sustainability Management program. It is a platform for students to work on pro-bono sustainability-related consulting projects that create tangible impact for our clients. SUMANI projects aid students in gaining knowledge and work experience in the field of sustainability that will help them become more effective agents of environmental and social change in the real world.

About us


SUMANI fosters top-tier consultants that lead change in sustainability and transform organizations into socio-environmental stewards. We do this by providing hands-on work experience that allow our members to tackle real sustainability issues faced by organizations in various sectors, from fashion to finance. With our diverse international client base and cohesive interdisciplinary teams of students, we aim to make an impact on the local and global scale –striving to help our members not only grow as sustainability consultants, but become better advocates for pressing social, environmental, and justice issues.


SUMANI was launched in April 2013 and has since developed a growing reception base of over 850 students, including alumni. The club is sponsored by Columbia University’s Earth Institute and the School of Professional Studies.

Our Faculty Advisor is Dr Steve Cohen. He is the  Executive Director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, Director of the Research Program on Sustainability Policy and Management, Director of the Public Administration Program in Environmental Science and Policy at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, and the Director of the Sustainability Management Program at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies.


We aim to help all our members learn about the latest in sustainability, corporate responsibility, ESG, and social entrepreneurship. All our members will be shown how their knowledge from various professional and academic background can be used towards a career for good. Along with developing valuable sustainability consulting skills, all our members will be supported by Columbia University’s world class faulty, alumni network and associated industry experts. 

We hope to connect members with influencers in the field of sustainability and help them build fulfilling careers. Whether it is in fortune 500s, startups, nonprofits, or social ventures, we hope our members share world-changing ideas that lead change and create a tangible impact.

Whether you participate in a consulting project or not, SUMA Net Impact invites you to be part of the movement. Our events provide valuable opportunities to get engaged with the Morningside Heights community, professional development support, a vast network of Net Impact resources and like-minded students!

SUMANI proudly supports the SUMA Equity Alliance (SEA) and their efforts to integrate Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) into the SUMA program. We join them in ensuring that the SUMA administration’s statements are meaningful and transformative, and that they follow through with their plans to be better allies of the BIPOC community and combat socio-environmental injustices.

If you want more justice-focused classes, financial aid for underrepresented communities, and more regular reporting on DEI initiatives, check out SEA’s website for additional resources.