SUMANI Trendster Blog: The Future of Seeds

Safeguarding our food supply in the face of climate change

There is a silent extinction underway in the world of plants.

We’ve all heard of the troubling mass extinction of animal life, so it may come as a surprise to hear that seeds are in even deeper trouble. Since the turn of the century, 93% of US seed varieties have gone extinct and with them the diversity of our meals.  As clearly shown in the infographic published by National Geographic’s John Tomanio, nature’s tastiest gifts have dramatically disappeared across the past century. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (the FAO), 75% of the world’s food is now generated from only 12 plants and five animal species.

Source: National Geographic


This means not only less interesting dishes for our dinner plates, but has implications for global food security. With projections of 9 billion mouths to feed by 2050, the time is now to safeguard what remains of agricultural genetic diversity. An urgent race is underway globally to collect and bank seeds that may hold within them the genetic keys to drought or pest resistance – an insurance policy for safeguarding our future food supply in a climate-changed world.

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Sustainability Consulting Panel

Consulting Panel

Join SUMANI for a panel discussion on sustainability consulting! To register your attendance, please RSVP here:

This event will feature senior consultants from: SustainAbility, Accenture Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young Sustainability Services, and BSR. This is a great opportunity to learn about the sustainability consulting space and engage with consultants from top-tier firms.

Discussion topics will include: the type of work done by each firm, a day in the life of a sustainability consultant, interesting projects, industry trends, the recruiting process, etc. – the goal is to expose attendees to the industry.

Everyone is invited to join the organizers and panelists for drinks following the event!

Alumni Panel

Attention students and alumni: Join us this upcoming Thursday, at the SUMANI Alumni Panel event!

With a growing network of SUMA alumni, this panel discussion will include discussions about transitions from life as a SUMA student to becoming a professional working in the field of sustainability.

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