Board Members

Vishant Kothari, President


Vishant Kothari has worked in international business development and innovation prior to his master’s program in Sustainability Management at Columbia University. His mechanical engineering background gives him the skills and understanding to contribute constructively to a wide variety of challenges. He is a world citizen – having traveled to over 30 countries, self-aware – having lead multiple teams around the world; and solution-oriented – passionate about looking at energy and data to make our cities more sustainable and resilient. He has just returned from a summer in LA working with ARUP, consulting the City of LA on their upcoming plan 2019. When he’s not talking about improving cities, Vishant can be found composing music, guzzling hot chocolate with Netflix or exploring his home, New York City.

Laura Korhonen, Director of Projects


Laura hails from Finland, where she spent the years before her studies at Columbia consulting real estate investors with JLL. Laura wants to use her background in economics and finance and current studies in sustainability to solve global environmental and social injustices and is passionate about improving livelihoods and clean energy access in low-income communities. Albeit having spent most of her life in her hometown, moving to New York has led Laura to develop a new sense of wanderlust, and her recent adventures include spending a summer working for an impact investing fund in India. In her free time, Laura enjoys exploring her surroundings by running.

Andrea Gómez, Director of Projects

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Andrea is a sustainability professional with experience in sustainable supply chains, corporate sustainability and climate change issues. She is an Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps fellow and she brings more than three years of experience in sustainability consulting and project management in the French IT sector. Andrea is passionate about how to make business more sustainable and developing sustainable solutions portfolios with a special focus on environmental related topics.

Laura Malo Yague, Director of Events

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From Spain to New York. With a professional background of 7 years working as an engineer but a great environmental lover, she arrived to New York in 2016 seeking for a change in my career path. During the last two years she has been training herself in Project Management, focused in monitoring and evaluation, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. She collaborated as a volunteer in the NGO ‘Engineering Without Borders’ for 8 years participating in sustainability and development projects focused on environmental problems, eco-efficiency climate change and taking responsibility of our planet’s health, trying to do things better. She love travelling with my ukulele, where She combines her passion to discover new cultures, meet people and enjoy the diversity of our planet. She would like to work in sustainability strategy to improve the accountability of market and industry process and development.

Soujanya Nagaraja, Director of Communications


Soujanya moved from Bengaluru to New York to pursue Masters in Sustainability Management. Prior to this she worked with Government of India addressing various critical environmental and socio – economic issues. In her current capacity she is working with the Columbia Center for Sustainable Investment to analyse how the changing climate impacts the investors portfolio and multilateral treaties. She also runs a NGO in the rural India, creating a sustainable livelihood for destitute families. Her experience varies from sustainability program management, sustainable research, sustainable finance and investment, multi stakeholder communication etcetc..To her credit she also has a research article on Green GSDP for sustainable development by Springers. Weaving together her experience and commitment to social and environmental responsibility, she commits to bring a practical ability to ground sustainability in the community and company business practices for stable economic growth. In her free time you can see her traveling with friends and exploring new places.

Elizabeth Sibboni – Director of Marketing

Born and raised in San Francisco, Lizzie is a technology professional with extensive experience in digital marketing software. Lizzie is passionate about zero waste infrastructure and leverages her expertise in social media to spread sustainability know-how throughout her community.

Prior to beginning her Masters in Sustainability Management at Columbia, Lizzie worked in a variety of start-up environments from seed funded ventures to post-IPO stage companies. Outside of work, she volunteers with social and environmental justice non-profit organizations including GrowNYC and GlobalCitizen. Lizzie holds a BA in Economics from Vanderbilt University.