Board Members

Vibhuti Agarwal, President


Vibhuti Agarwal worked as a sustainability consultant for 7 years in the US and India before joining the Sustainability Management program at Columbia. She strongly believes that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – a perspective gained from her experience in engineering, project management and yoga. This influences her approach to solving sustainability-related challenges. She is particularly interested in energy efficiency and waste management. In her spare time, she enjoys teaching yoga.

Marcela Diaz Jaramillo, Director of Projects


From Bogota, to Sydney to New York. Marcela spent 5 years living in Australia conducting research on climate change and coral reefs. She is passionate about the environment and wants to create a positive impact helping others use resources more efficiently. As a SUMA student, she hopes to use her environmental background to help companies achieve their sustainability goals. She is interested in working in corporate sustainability and strategy. Marcela loves the ocean, SCUBA diving, dancing and spending time outdoors.

Vishant Kothari, Co-Director of Projects


Vishant Kothari has worked in international business development and innovation prior to his master’s program in Sustainability Management at Columbia University. His mechanical engineering background gives him the skills and understanding to contribute constructively to a wide variety of challenges. He is a world citizen – having travelled to over 30 countries, self-aware – having lead multiple teams around the world; and solution-oriented – passionate about looking at energy and data to make our cities more sustainable and resilient. When he’s not talking about improving cities, Vishant can be found composing music, guzzling hot chocolate with Netflix or exploring his new home, New York City.

Wei-Ling (Winnie) Sun, Director of Events


Wei-Ling grew up in Taipei, Taiwan before moving to New York City in August 2017. She was an assistant consultant at EY Transaction Advisory Services, experienced in business valuation for M&A and accounting purposes. During her university education, she was the co-curator of TEDxNCU, organizing TED talk events and workshops. As a Couchsurfing host and traveler, she enjoys exploring different cultures. She aims to build on her financial and consulting background to help organizations achieve their sustainability goals.

Lucy Lu, Director of Communications


Originally from San Francisco, Lucy moved to New York City while working for Twitter in the mobile apps policy team. As the lead pioneer of the enforcement structure, she created processes for thousands of mobile apps to monetize efficiently. During her time in the Bay Area, she specialized in startup accounting and operations. Currently, a student in Sustainability Management at Columbia University. Her unique background and passion aim to bridge the connection between corporate operations and sustainability.  For fun, she collects cloud formation photos to promote outdoor activity on lucycloudanimals.

Mercy Diaz, Director of Marketing


A native of New York City, Mercy grew up volunteering in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx and with her high school’s environmental club on the Upper West Side. She graduated from CUNY’s Baruch College, where she majored in Marketing with a minor in Sustainability, was a leader of the ECO Club, and discovered her interest in corporate sustainability. She currently works at a wildlife conservation NGO while attending the SUMA program part-time. In her free time, she enjoys eating her way around the city (particularly Mexican food) and studying foreign languages (particularly Korean).