2016 SUMANI Board


avAvantika Goswami
, President
Coming to New York City from Mumbai, Avantika intends to delve further into our field within the topics of urban sustainability & resilience, and sustainable development in emerging economies. Avantika is most likely to be found at Avery, the architectural library, studiously sipping Brooklyn Roasting Co’s Blue Java blend while taking the occasional study break to browse the City’s concert listings.


mbMitika Bajpai, Vice President and Director of Events
From Mumbai, to JoBurg, to New York City, Mitika is seeking to become involved with consulting for developing nations, through both the public and private sectors. Mitika, like a true global citizen, refrains from showing preferential treatment to any specific part of the City, but also enjoys trips away from the hustle & bustle and into the fresh air.


ktKhyati Thakkar, Director of Events
Coming from Delhi to New York City, Khyati is interested in pursuing Sustainability consulting. When it comes to the City, Khyati has yet to settle on a favorite spot and instead looks forward to continued exploration to this and surrounding cities.



abiAbigail Orzolek, Director of Communications
Having spent her past 20 something years bouncing about New England, Abigail has settled in New York City with the intention of enlisting in an urban development oriented NGO. As often as is possible, Abigail is parked at the bar of the Coffee Foundry in Greenwich, welcoming a chat from her beloved Barista, Eri, to interrupt the demands of her laptop.




Megha Kedia, Director of Marketing
Megha grew up shuffling between Nepal and India, but moved to Rochester six year ago. She is interested in working in corporate sustainability for FMCG companies, specifically in procurement and product development. She enjoys being in the green outdoors, soaking up the warm sun. She often runs and bikes around Central Park after which she enjoys devouring a large snow cone. Her favorite activity away from the city is exploring the Great Lakes region.


clayton-colaw_for-sumaniClayton Colaw, Editor, SUMANI Trendster
After spending 2013 teaching English in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Clayton returned home to Orange County, California and apprenticed in Permaculture design at the Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano. Those two experiences put him on track for his current status as a Columbia SUMA student with dreams of starting his own Ecology Center and as editor of SUMANI Trendster with a peculiar affinity for editing English in the written form. His fondness for the food excesses of New York City and reggae dancehall music can be summed up with his favorite quote, “A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork, that’s the way we spell ‘New York'”.