Our project deliverables included an audit of Zero Waste Daniel’s social media efforts, website user experience and communication efforts and ideas for market growth opportunities. 

We first began by developing a project timeline to understand when key milestones should be hit. Our team then met as a group to understand where each team members’ skills were and gathered each team members’ interest. We then broke out into sub-teams for the remainder of the project, sharing progress on our deliverable sections each week. For example, Hilliary L. had professional experience identifying market opportunities for a sustainable fashion brand so she led that effort. Nat D. and Christina L. were interested in developing skills pertaining to SEO and Web so they tackled that portion. Mia and Melissa were interested in social media and Alexandra was interested in revenue growth. 

Considering that there was a mix of prior professional experience among the group, we found that certain topics (UX and Social) had to be researched for best practices more than others. For example, Nat and Christina had never explored UX and SEO before, so a lot of time was spent up front understanding what those best practices were in that realm. This took a hefty amount of time however when it was finished, the sub group was then able to easily audit to understand if ZWD was upholding those best practices and identifying where they fell short. Mia also did not have formal experience in social media so she spent a lot of time gathering best practices as well in the front half of the project timeline. 

Once we completed our research on best practices and audit against respective ZWD channels, we were then able to deduce key recommendations to implement. We laid these out in a step-by-step format so that they were easy to understand and thus, implement. We crafted two deliverables for the client. One was a detailed report that described the researched best practice, audit details and steps to implement recommendation for improvement. The other deliverable included solely the steps to implement the key recommendations to serve as a checklist to use while working after comprehending the detailed report. 

In addition to sending access to the deliverables, we also spent an hour and a half presenting the key recommendations to the client live. This allowed for them to ask questions and provide additional context on key recommendations before allowing them to read through the report. 

Overall, this was an invaluable experience for everyone on our team. We feel extremely fulfilled knowing that our research and recommendations will hopefully increase market share for a sustainable fashion brand led by two wonderful entrepreneurs. 

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