SUMANI TRENDSTER BLOG: WeAct For Environmental Justice

Project Description
WeAct is an Environmental Justice Nonprofit that specializes in community activism and
raising awareness on issues of race and health for minority communities in the New York area.
Within WeAct, there exists a branch of educational modules for Environmental Health Justice
Leadership Training (EHJLT). We were given the task of branding WeAct as an educational
provider, as well as market the modules for sales. Additionally the goal of program longevity in
case of a WeAct member’s leaving, the program could be easily taken over by someone else.
The current structure of the EHJLT program is focused on individual clients needs on a client to
client pricing model. The educational programs are for schools, universities, or community
members who want to learn more about environmental justice. Our main contact at WeAct was
one person who is solely responsible for the EHJLT program.

We needed a plan to comprehensively address the multi faceted components to the
project goals. Thus, our team’s approach was to break into three teams: overall structure, pricing, and marketing. The overall structure team looked into how to condense the modules into standardized packages. The current EHJLT modules have 22 different themes to teach audiences a variety of topics from environmental health to introduction to environmental justice. We came up with the idea of bundling the existing modules by topic and having 3-5 modules in each. This new structure would make pricing the bundles easier in the future. Additionally the overall structure team looked into expanding the alumni network and hiring freelancers to help the contact’s workload. The pricing team looked into a standardized methodology for how to fairly price the modules for different clinetelles budgets. Additionally the marketing team talked to many experts in the field to come up with a comprehensive plan to help transition WeAct into branding themselves as an educational teaching organization.

Challenges / Overcome
One of the biggest challenges was the lack of project scope we were given until very late
in the project. It was not specified if we were consulting for the educational modules to be in an
in person format a few years from now or if it would be in a current online – COVID friendly
setting. The difference between in person and online educational modules for environmental
justice related topics would make a major difference in the learning experience. We emphasized the importance of in person teaching or the use of interactive modules instead of pre-recorded lessons. We ultimately consulted using an in person focus to be used a few years from now that can be used when the program is more established. Additionally, we struggled with lack of communication from our client. They were slow with replying to emails and unclear in final deliverable goals throughout the semester. Ultimately we became more specific in asking questions to the client and presented them with our team’s progress instead of waiting for their guidance.

Each of the three team’s came up with final deliverables for the client. The overall
structure team worked with the client to help set up the educational bundles by topic as well as
come up with a more robust plan for the training of trainers network and ways to keep the
program self running. The pricing team came up with a model of tiered pricing with a price per
student variable as well as opportunities for grant funding. The marketing team came up with
five main suggestions of brand awareness, WeAct rebranding, freelance salesperson, defining
educational levels, and co- branding partnerships.

Everyone on the team learned immensely about how to work with a real client in
sustainable consulting. It was a valuable experience working with a team and coming up with
new ideas on how to help a meaningful organization such as WeAct fulfill their goals.

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