SUMANI Trendster Blog: Editor’s Note III

Since a particular day in early November, my classmates and I have wondered (or lamented) aloud how we will move forward with our sustainable efforts while the Federal Government tries to tear them down.

Just last week, budget proposals were abuzz and one, in particular, was decried as… misguided (a mild synonym for many other adjectives I heard). Earth Institute Director Steven Cohen stated it clearly in his Huffington Post spot from last Monday.

While cuts to the EPA and research programs housed at universities like Columbia would reduce funding to important studies, I am confident in the ability of my classmates and my own abilities to develop a free market that will drive sustainability.

I came to the Sustainability Management program to learn how to make a business case for cleaner, greener business culture. We have posted on this blog about behavior change and about new technologies that streamline business and give agency to the consumer. My classmates and I are learning how to analyze the lifecycle of products and model systems that would reduce, and eventually eliminate, waste and pollution; we are learning how to lower the cost of renewable energy; and we are learning how to combat the rising tide of the ocean and the rising tide against our beliefs in a sustainable global system.

Government is often too slow and rancorous to introduce new ideas. It can support them and provide momentum, but I truly believe in the power of business to change culture and minds. And if you are skeptical about what I mean by business, Henry Ford put it simply,

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business

On Friday, April 14th, SUMANI will convene a workshop on social entrepreneurship hosted by Social Rocket Factory co-founders Aaron Green and Louis Songster. The goal is to help attendees develop business ideas that meet the triple-bottom line standard of social, economic and environmental prosperity.

So join us in an event that speaks directly to the new way of defining success that will spur our economy away from dependence on the Federal Government, or any government.

Until then–

recycle, reduce and reuse

buy local or grow your own

walk, run, ride a bike, take public transit or carpool


and be kind.

-Clayton Colaw, Editor, SUMANI Trendster

*Trendster is a voluntary, crowd-sourced initiative facilitated by SUMA Net Impact. It does not represent the collective views of Columbia University, the Earth Institute or Net Impact



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