SUMANI Trendster Blog: Editor’s Note II

To SUMANI Readers

My first year of college, I was so bewildered by the madness of finals that I walked into an Anthropology final after having reviewed my English Literature notes all morning. As it turns out, few bridges can be built between Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure and technical explanations of Genus Homo.

The formidable December wind brings the fury of finals. And though libraries are open into the wee hours, and some form of consumable caffeine is constantly with you, don’t forget to step back and let your head clear. Decompress.

Try walking for 20 minutes without headphones or cell phones.

Read a chapter of your favorite book, or a new book.

Do push ups.

Sleep when you are tired.

On campus, Columbia has “Finals Stress Buster Activities” over the next few weeks, including puppies.

And just off campus, join SUMANI and the SUMA community for our Winter Social at Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor, starting at 8 pm next Monday, 12 December.

Stay focused and work hard, but work well.

You’re going to make it through. We believe in you.

-Clayton Colaw, Editor, SUMANI Trendster

*Trendster is a voluntary, crowd-sourced initiative facilitated by SUMA Net Impact. It does not represent the collective views of Columbia University, the Earth Institute or Net Impact

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