SUMANI Trendster Blog: Editor’s Note I

To SUMANI Readers

Last week, SUMANI hosted David McConville of the Buckminster Fuller Institute on campus for a workshop in Systems Thinking. It was an enlightening and evocative two hours that reminded us of how far human scientific knowledge has advanced, but also how far off it still is from answering our questions to the big, global issues that challenge us.

This morning, Earth Institute Executive Director, Steve Cohen, addressed the pressing need for movement on climate change adaption in his blog on the Huffington Post.

In this time of midterms, holiday season anxiety creep, changing weather, and the last tortuous weeks of a hellish U.S. Election, it’s normal to rub one’s eyes and pull one’s hair, hit the snooze button and surrender.

But during last week’s workshop, and again while reading Professor Cohen’s call to action, I was reminded of the quote that I read two years ago that compelled me to Google the name “Buckminster Fuller”:

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”

My name is Clayton and I am your new SUMANI Trendster editor. As you see in the disclaimer below, this is a voluntary, crowd-sourced initiative. Do you have ideas for our future?

We are looking for content on all things sustainability from people who have knowledge, experience and passion for it. Take a look at our past posts for references and ideas. Email me and cc the SUMA Net Impact team at,

Do not be governed by fear. Do not let that shadow of doubt eclipse your sun. Keep your head up, put one foot in front of the other. Ask questions. Be bold.

There’s work to be done.


-Clayton Colaw, M.S. Sustainability Management 2017


*Trendster is a voluntary, crowd-sourced initiative facilitated by SUMA Net Impact. It does not represent the collective views of Columbia University, the Earth Institute or Net Impact

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