SUMANI Trendster Blog: Sust.Spec., Episode 3

Episode 3 of Sust.Spec. Bringing it Home

Exciting developments for Sust.Spec.
Featured on the website for our School of Professional Studies, in an interview with Grace Bello.
Now found on Stitcher.

A podcast dedicated to the discussion of modern Sustainability practices and experiences.

This episode continues our commentary on the current presidential election, our thoughts on American jobs and industry, and their impact on sustainability. Also, we sit down with SUMA student and engineer, Minelly De Coo to talk about her history, her interests and what she thinks is in store for the future of Sustainability and Sustainability Practices.


*Trendster is a voluntary, crowd-sourced initiative facilitated by SUMA Net Impact. It does not represent the collective views of Columbia University, the Earth Institute or Net Impact

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