Professional Focus Survey, August 2015

After the five of us put on our new hats as the board members of SUMA Net Impact, we wondered what kind of events and activities would be best suited to the SUMA student community, of which we were a part too! While we could have just gone with our instincts, we realized that our interests could be very different from the larger SUMA community’s needs or interests. Hence, like all people who are looking for direction, we decided to ask! We conducted a simple 2 question survey which received more than 25 responses in over a week’s time. Our main objective was to understand what our community’s target industries are.

Corporate Sustainability and Management Consulting came out right on the top. Other areas that formed part of the top 5 choices were clean tech, urban planning / government and sustainable development. Careers in green buildings, finance, power generation, international organizations, policy and scientific research were next in line. We plan to use the results of this quick survey to prioritize our event related outreach, however we will try to address all interest areas as comprehensively as possible.

Also, there was a lucky draw prize to be won by one of our respondents! Stay tuned to find out if you won!!!

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